Remote Desktop

Access your work through the cloud computing structure, offering you the freedom to do your work on any device, at any time, anywhere – giving you the flexibility you need. Not only will you save time, but remote access also eliminates the expenses required to manage a server – saving you money as well.

Automated Actions

Achieve multiple actions with one simple click! Our system allows portfolios to be mapped into an automated cycle which allows work to be processed consistently, from beginning to end which requires minimum effort from the end-user.

Enhanced Productivity

Our system allows you to easily:

  • Arrange your entire line of communications, relevant documents, and accounting per individual case.
  • Personalise email merge letters and effortlessly print, email, or export them to external emailing software.
  • Develop and allocate work queues to team members or collectors to refine your work procedures.

Available Reports

Select from an array of industry reports or create one through the reports generator. Each report can be linked to a client’s details which can be delivered via email in various formats like PDF or Excel, which will then be available on the client portal.

SMS Notifications

Effectively reach your debtors to notify on outstanding payments through the most direct form of communication. With costs rising in telephonic communication makes SMS a smart choice as it saves your money and time yet delivers the same message successfully.

SMS Advantages:

  • Personalised Communication
  • Perceived as Less Intrusive
  • Records all conversations
  • Direct messaging to an individuals device

Integrated Account Management

Our system supplies a reliable account management system that will reduce errors when billing, draft professional invoices and manage your trust account – all which respect agreements.

Legal Process

Our system automates an application of scale court fees and calculated interest fees that allow you to easily perform legal action with debtors. Effectively manage all legal processes from individual claims through:

  • Wind-up
  • Bankruptcy
  • Court Precedents
  • Electronic Court Lodgement

Mass Updates

Select multiple debts accounts and allocate a specific action to all of them. One can easily draft a letter and send them to multiple debtors or update several debtors in minutes – saving you time and money and overall increasing workflow efficiency.


  • Automated collective payment of invoices with trust funds cleared
  • Trial Balance Summary
  • Automated debtor billing. A combination of charges with payment processing and with collector activity
  • An array of invoice formats suited for your businesses
  • Flexible charging to suit client’s requirements
  • Charge per case, group, or client individually or multiple
  • Automated invoice delivery via email or printer

Xero and MYOB

Integrate our system with Xero or MYOB to save you time and avoid mistakes through double handling.

Trust Account Management

  • Cloud Storage of trust statements to easily reproduce
  • EFT multiple funds, all at once
  • Print Refund Cheques
  • Trust settlements and report of compliance to the agreement
  • Variety of unlimited trust statements tailored to your business
  • Co-management for fair settlement of outstanding bills

Integrated CRM

Maintain a competitive advantage with our easy to use CRM management platform to effectively manage your relationships with current clients and improve research on prospect business through strategic campaign management and bulk emailing which provides insightful data that can be used to improve business operations.

Personalised Portal

Easily inform your clients and agents on the progress on cases on the web on any mobile device to effectively manage the debt collection process.

Client: Upload Files, Manage Reports, Access current debts, Review new debts, View old trust statements and debts and Delivery of instructions.

Agent: Control debts through a list of priorities, Manage and record attendances, Review debtor case history and Add notes on cases.

Seamless Searching

Gain direct access to the information that mercantile agents require using our easy to use searching system, InfoTrack. This eliminates the need for agents to visit external search engines.

All payments are automatically saved and billed with margins added, with search results instantly uploaded to the case. Searches include:

  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Reports on Credit
  • Company or Business Name Search
  • Property Register Search
  • Regional Legal Search
  • Electoral District Search
  • Mercantile Footprint
  • Defaults Registered

Debtor Interface

For effective debt collection, communication is key. It is for this reason that our system incorporates a portal for debtors to ensure clear communication between a business and its debtors is achieved.

Our portal is accessible to debtors anytime, anywhere. Our system guides debtors through a security check that verifies an individuals credentials to ensure correct communication and transactions.

Our portal allows debtors to perform tasks that normally a collector or agent would have to carry out, namely:

  • Offer to settle debts on the amount the business automates through the system
  • Evident integration that allows payments via debit or credit card and BPAY. Ezidebt ensures secure payment that protects debtor’s data through compliance, decreasing in house resources usage.
  • Management of missed payments
  • Copy of Statements, Invoices and Correspondence Documents


Our application programming interface allows businesses to design personalised applications such as phone applications for remote agents, a web application for submission of new debts or direct communication with a client’s database.

Note: All Debtor’s deposits are made into a Trust Account, as stipulated by the Debt Collectors Act of 1998 (Act No. 114 of 1998)


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