Panel of Attorneys

Our trusted panel of attorneys ensures a professional, legal approach when dealing with individuals that ensures a simple transition from the collection process to legal action.

Our cost-effective legal route includes credit bureau listing and obtaining an emoluments attachment order against a debtor’s salary through registered field agents. Specialised field agents visit debtors to collect their signature on 57/58 documents. A Section 58 judgment is granted, and an emoluments attachment order is issued simultaneously and implemented against the debtor’s salary.

Issuing Summons Against the Debtor

The following cases will include an issue of Summons against a Debtor when:

• A debtor denies verbal demands or letter of demands for a debt

• Debts that have an indefinite amount of money

• Damages that have risen due to individual negligence

• Cancellation of sale due to defective goods

• Cancellation of sale due to unmet performance based on the agreement
in terms of service contract and/or mandate agreement

Once a summons is served the defendant may either agree/disagree to pay or give the notice to defend the action.
In the latter case, the sequence of events will commence as follows:

Legal Procedure: Issuing a Summons


Issue of Summons

Particulars of Claim to be attached (if more than 300 words)

Summons will be served against the Debtor by the Sheriff of the Court

Notice of the Intention to Defend

Plea by Defendant

Plaintiff’s reply to the Defendant’s plea (if necessary)

Close of ‘pleadings’, in which further details may be exchanged

The Case comes to Trial.

Order is Granted/Dismissed by the Court

If point 4 to 7 above is not applied, the case gets set down and will be granted in court against the Debtor in favour of the Plaintiff.
Our in-house attorneys and legal team effectively and professionally manages the entire process for our clients.