We integrate with the following solutions and payment gateways.


Rapid Legal Services ensure debtors settle payments by implementing a wide variety of payment solutions and communication integrations.


Give your business a competitive advantage when acquiring signatures on debt collection and legal documents that are quick, convenient and secure through cooperative digital signatures.

Provide convivence to signatories through the various methods of signing on digital platforms like the web, smartphones, SMS, WhatsApp that can be sent anywhere, anytime.

Gain insightful knowledge into how signatories process your documents with detailed insight into mail delivery, read receipts, clicks on links and time spent reading the document before signing.

The most environmentally friendly way to improve the efficiency of your operations by reducing costs on paper and printing.

WhatsApp Business

Elevate your conversations to get the answers you need to move your business forward. Ensure an effortless two-way, real-time conversation with your clients by optimising the most preferred conversational platform in the world. WhatsApp Business eliminates borders by connecting you with local and international clients.

Quickly and effortlessly:

• Send notifications
• Forward documents
• Acquire Signatures
• Provide Important Information.
• Start conversations

Manage multiple conversations in one suitable place.

VOIP Integration

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a leading phone system that integrates into your businesses CRM system to make direct calls from a computer or phone.

With VoIP integration, your business can record calls with clients to gain valuable information on clients to improve the debt collection process. In recording client information through VoIP, call agents can easily view a client’s profile to view the businesses history with the client to ensure a focused, personalised call that guarantees conversion and thus increases efficiency and improves management of debt.

Fee Compliance

Our Fee Compliance program is a cost added to our debt collection and legal services. The fee compliance accounts for the time and money spent into acquiring and conforming with the government laws and legislations of the debt collection and legal industry.

Our compliance ensures that our services are performed in good faith, run ethically, and executed legally. In conforming to industry laws, gives our clients peace of mind by providing services that are legal, ethical, and secure.

In acceptance to industry laws guarantee’s that our clients personal and confidential information is respected and safeguarded. Overall, we warrant to our clients that that in acquiring our services, their business will exhibit responsibility in following government legal standards that we have acquired that will further maintain their corporate reputation.

Payment Gateways


This point of sale solution is simple for both business and their clients to receive direct, secure payment on debts. Payments are cross-referenced with ID numbers and then transferred directly to the receiver.

iPay allows seamless transactions for settling debts. Various channels for processing payments:

• POS Terminals
• ATM’s
• Banks
• Retail Outlets
• Mobile
• Internet
• 3rd Party Vending


A mobile app that supplies clients a convenient way to simply process payments for many different accounts.

Clients need to simply download the app, apply, and enter in your EasyPay account number, enter in their debit, or credit card details, and settle payments in real-time.


Payment Gateways

VCS (Virtual Card Services)

A recognised online payment service that enables clients to use several payments methods using their credit card to pay securely, effectively and in real-time.

This type of payment can be a link that directs a client to a website to process payment or it can be implemented onto your website to process payment.

Other methods such as SID, Visa Checkout, Master Pass, PayPal and Zapper are trusted VCS software’s that securely and simply processes payments on debts.

Pay by Link

An effortless way to send out multiple or individual payment notices via SMS or Email that attaches a link that directs the client to the specific PDF invoice or statement.

A solution that guarantees effective account payments through higher conversion rates.