Contact Centre Support

Solving debt issues directly to save you time and money.

Rapid Legal Services prides themselves on their efficiency and effectiveness to professionally solve debt issues for corporate companies and customers. The successes are greatly attributed to the highly skilled and professionally trained call centre agents, who in an executive manner, optimise collection, accurately and successfully.

These agents enhance the collection process by using the fit-for-purpose collections technology and infrastructure of the Rapid Software Platform – thus making it among the most powerful tools available, focussing on managing accounts, customer data enhancements, communication automation, analytics, administration process management and more.

Highly skilled professionals – lead with passion

As your preferred recoveries solutions partner, you will enjoy peace of mind as our highly trained and dedicated Call Agents solve your company’s debt issues professionally and timeously:

Our Approach

Increase debt recovery through a humanised approach through historical data that helps the call agent personalise their approach towards collecting debt per individual.

Track & Monitor

Track and monitor debtors through recorded calls which details all you need to know about a customers account status to know which actions to further employ in the debt collection process.

Call Agents

Employ multilingual call agents to guarantee zero miscommunication on vital information that needs be understood to successfully recover the debt.

Technological Platform

Provide advanced call centre technology that gives a level of control that will elevate productivity and positively impact your bottom line.

Real-time Integration

Update customer information in real-time to save time and improve overall cost per collection by employing correct action per individual.

Solving Debt Issues Directly!