Our administration process is an automated management tool that administrates all duties to the debt collection process – from start to finish.

Rapid Legal Services Administration Process Management:


Record Management

Our system records all vital information necessary to effectively implement the debt collection and legal process. Our skilled team actively coordinates and directs the information gathered to respective divisions to ensure that they can apply appropriate information to successfully recover debt and take legal action.

Risk Management

Risk assessments are constantly employed to evaluate the level of risk the debt that has not been recovered poses for your business through interpreting vital information. The assessment is communicated through to both our debt collector and legal divisions to ensure that all risks are accounted for and managed accordingly.

Collection and Settlements of Payments

Through our set of leading industry tools combined with our knowledgeable team of experts, we proceed in collecting what is owed to you by instructing debtors with simple ways of settling their debt. Even if your debt does not get settled, our legal team advises various actions to implement to get your debtors to settle what is owed.

Legal Advice

Information that is constantly gathered gets forwarded to the legal division for our trusted legal professionals to interpret and advise on legal instructions that give valuable direction, solve legal disagreements with debtors and provide sound legal solutions to guarantees the debt collection process is successful.

Judgement Clearance Process

A process whereby we draft and forward the Consent for Rescission to the Magistrates Court to allow both parties in a contractual agreement to terminate their contact and undo further transactions, leaving both parties back to their original position before the contract was entered. Thereafter, we submit the Consent for Recission to the Credit Burea, which will verify the order and clear the judgement listing.

Automated Notifications

Our system records and automates all vital information and processes to keep you up to date with the debt collection and legal process of your debt case. These notifications also keep all divisions constantly updated with new and existing information to solve debt recovery and legal cases as soon as possible, ensuring that all divisions are proactive.

Locked Funds Assignment

Our automated system interprets the records of information to effectively assigns certain funds for debtors to be locked at the exact time they need to be. This will ensure that locked funds are deducted from debtors or credited back.

Rapid Legal Services specialises in strategic assessment and evaluations of B2B and B2C Debt collection. We are your Debt Collection partner of choice!