Rapid Legal Services

Rapid Legal Services is a Level 1 BB-BEE debt collection and legal service provider that is dedicated to making a difference by successfully collecting debts for B2B and B2C within the private and corporate sector.

For over 10 years, we have understood the importance of implementing effective debt collection solutions through partnering with industry-leading technology and qualified, skilled individuals that guarantee problem-solving every time, making us a leader in the financial services sector.

We acknowledge the need for employing affordable, simple payment solutions for debtors to ensure timely, effortless settlements. It is for this reason that we follow a strict, no-tolerance policy for missed payments aligned with smart, strategic solutions employed by our experienced debt recovery and legal team, combined with innovative technology that guarantees successful debt collection. As business and consumer debt is constantly rising, leaving business owners and individuals stuck in a financial crisis has motivated our duty to ensure that we serve our clients what is rightfully owed to them in the most effective, legal manner. Through ethical, professional debt collection and management, we successfully recover your funds and thus increase recovery rates for the future that fosters our client’s operational efficiency.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to maximise our client’s budget by reducing their debt books and increasing unmanageable debt recoveries through professional service, without compromising our client’s brand or reputation. We specialise in strategic assessment and evaluations of B2B and B2C debt collection.

We believe that staff is a company’s most important asset, which is why we ensure that all our debt collectors are trained proficiently in persuasive communication, negotiation skills, dispute resolution and handling problematic debtors.

We are proud to have a team of highly-skilled, registered debt collectors, in-house attorneys and legal officers who are passionate and result-driven. All our debt collectors are registered with the Council for Debt Collectors and strictly adhere The Debt Collector Code of Conduct.

The National Credit Act of South Africa: The Debt Collectors Act, 1998 (Act No. 114 of 1998)

Rapid Legal Services is your debt collection partner of choice! Let us increase your Debt Recoveries to maximize your Finances.