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Rapid Legal Services

Specialising in B2B and B2C debt collection success within private and public sectors.
Increase your debt recovery rate to maximize your finances and operations.

Specialising in Debt Recovery for B2B and B2C

We are leaders in consistently collecting small, medium, or large debts for corporates and customers.

Through honest and transparent operations, we set industry standards within the financial service sector by helping corporates and customers increase their operational efficiency and above all – put their rightfully owned money back in their pockets.
We adhere to a strict no tolerance policy for debtors who deliberately fail to settle payments for the goods, services, credit or cash that you have provided in good faith by implementing industry leading payment and legal solutions.

Rapid Legal Services

For over 10 years, Rapid Legal Services has increased debt recovery rates for B2B and B2C within the private and public sector.

Through a collective unit of highly skilled individuals with extensive industry knowledge and experience, we handle large debtors’ books with a large volume of accounts, as well as high valued accounts to help increase their revenue, give insightful data analysis and overall enhance their operational efficiency.

Debt Management

Our debt management technology is constantly updated to meet and exceed industry standards, verifying that our debt collection service centre is capable of handling large volumes of debtors daily.

Workflows are streamlined to maximise collection rates and functions like sending SMS’s, E-mails and Correspondence Letters are fully automated for efficiency and effectiveness.

Situated in Cape Town

Rapid Legal Services is situated within the heart of the busy CBD of Century City, Cape Town, South Africa – the Mother City.

Our highly skilled staff members with qualified experience comprise of registered debt collectors, in-house attorneys and legal officers, who utilises advanced technology with a modern debt collection system, allowing us to take debt collecting to a new level for our fellow South Africans and corporate partners.

Legal Services

Our trusted legal team ensures the debt collection process is carried out in an ethical, professional manner. Our knowledgeable panel of attorneys guarantees that legal action is taken out effectively to solve debt-related cases.